Monday, May 10, 2010

It's about the pretty. It's about the brioche!

Aren't they exquisite? These aprons make me swoon! (For the men out there, it's completely acceptable to let out a gasp of excitement. It's even more acceptable to want one in your size). They are handmade with love by Boojiboo from The quality is excellent and as you can see from the photos (taken by Boojiboo) the detailing is lovely. 

The yellow bird one is my favorite <3. Perfect for baking lemon bars or mixing a martini. I would host a dinner party for 30 just to show off that gorgeous red and black apron. Who cares if the cake falls (see Strawberry Cream Cake post) or the roast is deemed inedible, you are looking and feeling mighty fine in that apron! So get one already. You totally should.

Super cute apron...check! Now, let's bake some bread. If I were bread I would want to be something small, cute and pretty. Wait...small, cute, pretty and with substance (no airheads please). I would also want to have a shape with character to catch the eye of a passerby who couldn't help but take me home to toast and butter up. (This is getting to be a strange sounding post...hang in there). Yes, if I were bread I would be brioche!

The recipe comes from my favorite book Baking with Julia. You can get the recipe and directions here.

Making the dough

Rising dough

Brioche tins

First the body...

Then the head.

Last rise

A couple of them came out headless! But hey, I sure do look pretty in this apron ^_^

Butter and jelly it up.


  1. You did a beautiful job with these. My brioche last month was a disaster. : )

  2. These leetle brioche(s?) are darling.

    (the yellow bird one is my favorite, too.)

  3. Looks like I could eat, I don't know....maybe four or five of them!

  4. great looking make it look so easy....

  5. Wow. Your picture has inspired me to attempt brioche. And I don't do pastry. Ever. Seriously. Recipe for disaster? I am ready for it! Keep up the good baking!


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