Friday, July 2, 2010

Vegas baby! (Croissants and muffins revisited)

I saw radiant fountains that danced to music.

Exquisite murals painted on high gilded ceilings.

Magnificent architecture.

And thousands of these evil things. The Wheel of Fortune slots. These machines are equipped with a free spin symbol that gives you a bonus payoff. Once you activate the bonus spin, a "Wheel of Fortune" wheel on top of the machine is activated. The games have a button to push that starts the wheel spinning and awards you, depending on where the wheel stops, anywhere from 25 coins up to the current progressive jackpot. 

This machine and I were not first. I set my limit to the $50 I put in it. My money was going fast and with nothing to show for it! All I wanted was one SPIN. Forget the current progressive jackpot of $4.5 million...I want that bonus spin! (which on this machine only ranged from $25-$1,000). Then finally, I hit my first SPIN. The lights start flashing, the Wheel of Fortune music and audio of a "live" studio audience oooooh-ing and aaaaaaaaaaw-ing start playing. Hitting the SPIN was really very exciting. 

On my first spin I hit 50 coins. I won my money back and then some! The machine was starting to warm up to me. I decided to keep playing. I wanted another SPIN...and got it! The second time I landed on 35. I had to keep going. Just one more hit I said. 

 After two tries I hit another SPIN. It was insane. I hit 3 SPINS all in a span of 5 minutes! I got my camera ready and pushed the SPIN button.


And cashout. I'm no fool :p 

All that excitement made me hungry so I headed to a cafe and treated myself to coffee and two breakfast pastries. A chocolate croissant (recipe here and here) and a blueberry muffin (recipe here). I love Vegas :)

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